Product range
Design process

Our design team has an extensive experience and works on one of the best engineering design programmes: Autodesk Inventor 3D. Each busduct system is designed individually and is a perfect response to a customer’s demand.
We are able to customize the design even to most specific requirements. This is thanks to our knowledge of busduct engineering and many years of experience.

We offer comprehensive technical design of the busduct system of your choice. This service includes:

  • on-site measurements,
  • arrangements with equipment suppliers (e.g. generators, transformers and switch boxes),
  • optimization of the electrical parameters of the offered busducts (e.g. loss, temperature),
  • electrical and construction optimization of the busways,
  • execution of the technical and subcontracting documentation (for the Investor’s approval) which includes the operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity, protocol for voltage testing and protocol for post-assembly testing.