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In the event of an emergency, we always provide the necessary support.

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Our busduct Emergency Service is equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment and is ready to act within 24 hours.

On site, we carefully analyse the problem, we dry the busducts and perform the necessary repairs or replace damaged components.

We provide maintenance of busducts of our own production as well as those from other manufacturers. Our maintenance activities include:

  • analysis of the technical condition of the busducts,
  • periodic inspections,
  • cleaning,
  • repairs,
  • modernization * (e.g. application of dry-air overpressure, sealing of the system),
  • partial replacements of busduct components (e.g. when replacing a transformer),
  • welding,
  • repairs or replacements of terminal clamped connections,
  • diagnostics and repair of connection surfaces (silver plating, tin plating),


*modernization allows for extending the warranty period

We also carry out all on-site busduct testing :

  • insulation resistance measurement,
  • voltage testing,
  • complete thermal imager testing,
  • inspection of the bolted connections condition using low resistances without the need for disassembling the contact,
  • ultrasonic leak detection in welding seams.