Holduct Company
Why Holduct?
  • The quality of our services has been confirmed by numerous certificates: ISO 9001, OHAS 18000 and audits by our key customers.
  • We have a wide range of products and services.
  • We provide ready solutions and ensure comprehensive implementation of any project: from design, through production and installation on-site, to post-installation testing.

  • We have an extensive list of references from major power industry companies.
  • Not only do we produce busducts, but also offer complementary services, such as installation, repair, maintenance, alteration, expertise and calculations.
  • We offer comprehensive modernization and maintenance of existing busducts of all manufacturers with an option of extending the warranty period.
  • We have a mobile team ready to measure and perform all the testing directly on site.
  • We take pride in our design process and extensive technical support.
  • In terms of project implementation, we are very flexible and easily adapt to customer requirements.
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